Elephant's Rocket & MD printer

Jul.1999: We bought one MD-5000 in one year before establishment of Elephant's Rocket Inc.

Jul.2009: We start the supporting for MD printers as Earth-friendly eco-activity. Through the communication with global MD users, we know the great expectation to us. We start to develop related products of MD printers.

Nov.2010: Release business card printing kit in Japan.

Jan.2012: Release Elephant's Rocket PVC film with adhesive.

Jun.2013: Release Elephant's Rocket Water Slide Decal Paper semi-gloss type optimized for MD printers.Not only for best printing but also thinner, easy handling and beautiful finish are highly esteemed.
After that, Gloss type, white decal, A4 wide type are also developed.

Feb.2017: Release Elephant's Rocket Orange : Spot color ink cartridge for MD printers in response to a lot of MD users requests. After that many spot colors are releasing.

(Elephant's Rocket Inc. Engineering center)