How to order

Please contact us by email to place an order.
If you need reparing of your printer, please let us know.
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###Packing and shipping (EMS) charge###
1 shipping (more than 3Kg and less than 9Kg)[JPY20,000]
For example: more than 101pcs ink cartridges.

1 shipping (less than 3Kg)[JPY10,000]
For example: less than 100pcs ink cartridges.

1 shipping (less than 1Kg)[JPY7,000]
For example: less than 33pcs ink cartridges.

1 shipping (less than 0.5Kg)[JPY5,000]
For example: less than 16pcs ink cartridges.

The weight for each product is as follows.
30g per 1 ink cartridge.
13g per 1 Water Slide Decal sheet / 1 ZVCTC-MDA4 sheet.
8g per 1 Z-DCLA4 sheet.
16g per 1 Viewcal sheet.

###Payment charge###
You can pay to our PayPal account. Our account email is as follows.

PayPal charge is 3.9% of total amount.

You can also pay by TransferWise.

If you want to pay to our bank account, please let us know.

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